African stories by Young People

Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thion’WATERgo,Chimamanda,Grace Ogot are just but a few amazing writers with an African touch if i may call it that. I love a good story and an African story on the injustices by the government,oppression ,the suffering of the girl child, outdated cultural practices and just a look into the 60’s,70’s,80’s and 90’s child are a welcome read.

Dora Achieng Okeyo, being my sister and all i was very keen to read her work from short love stories,to an autobiography of sorts and now the series Currents/Elements.It began with Fire,Then Water,i wait for wind and Earth with bated breathe.

it is not everyday that i come across a young author with great understanding of the African Culture and traditions like this young lady,the way she talks about a Kingdom and its reign you would have nothing to compare it to but rather just travel back in time to the days Africa had Kingdoms. The rise and fall of some of these Kingdoms and what may be the fall of the Kingdom of Leo.

A king can hardly choose who to inherit his throne,this is left to the gods and indeed the gods do as they please.

Visit, Twitter:@herhar ,Facebook: Dora Achieng Okeyo  and be part of her amazing world.

P.S: We caught the writing bug from our mom,Bertha Akoth Odingo(The lady with an iron fist and a feather touch)


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